11. Oktober 2023, 13.00 Uhr - 13. Oktober 2023, 13.00 Uhr
Breklum, Christan Jensen Kolleg, Kirchenstraße
Der ländliche Raum als Ressource?
Christliche, philosophische und kulturelle Perspektiven | Dritte Europäische Landkirchenkonferenz / 3rd European Conference of Churches in rural areas

Akademie-Studienleitung: Nora Steen, Maike Lauther-Pohl
Mit dem Christian Jensen Kolleg und der dänischen Folkekirken

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Adresse: Christan Jensen Kolleg
Kirchenstraße, 25821 Breklum

The countryside as a place for working and living is increasingly attractive especially for many young people. The growing awareness of the necessity to develop a more sustainable lifestyle fits well with the possibilities rural areas can provide. During the 3rd European Conference of Churches in rural areas we want to highlight the resources that local congregations and the church in total can contribute to a good and healthy life. The churches in rural areas have a lot to give to society:
Human, economical, cultural resources, resources due to a lot of buildings and to be inclusive. We will ask: What do people in the countryside need? How can we make ourselves as churches more attractive in rural areas? Excursions to different local projects will be part of the conference.
Delegations from Denmark, Germany, England, Sweden, Poland and other European countries will learn from and with each other. Above all: We want to empower each other, pray, sing and think beyond our cultural borders…